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Press Releases
  • Giant Spiraling Molecular Gas Arms as Cradles of Dense Massive Molecular Cores   (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-20)
  • Plant Biologists Discover a Novel Enzyme CEK4 Crucial in Seed Development and Oil Production    (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-19)
  • Academician Anthony C. Yu Passes away at Age 77    (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-15)
  • Academia Sinica to Introduce the Latest Precision Instruments, Medical Material, Photoelectricity and Renewable Energy Discoveries to Prospective Business Partners   (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-13)
  • Academia Sinica President Chi-Huey Wong Receives 2015 Robert Robinson Award   (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-06)
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    Seminars & Lectures
  • Knowledge Feast Lecture for May: Termitomyces-based agroecosystem of black-winged subterranean termite will be held on May 26, 2015   (Department of Secretariat 2015-04-28)
  • Taiwan’s Postwar Land Reform Reconsidered   (Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences 2015-04-22)
  • Lecture in Honor of Former President Chia-Hua Chu: Bubbles Stars Blow will be held on May 30, 2015   (Department of Secretariat 2015-05-08)
  • IMB Special Seminar   (Institute of Molecular Biology 2015-05-06)
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    Announcements & Events
  • The Award Ceremony of 2015 Academia Sinica Awards for Junior Research Investigators will be held on June 2, 2015   (Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service 2015-05-20)
  • The Belmont Forum calls for proposals on Mountains as Sentinels of Change in 2016   (Department of International Affairs 2015-04-09)
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